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The united kingdom, where kings and queens lives and out break ran through. London is an very price place to stay, since their money its more than the Canadian money. It was still an amazing experience. As I arrived to London from LA the first think I did when arrived at London was the to find my hotel, which was Caesar Hotel, A 4 star hotel which cost $278 a night for 1 double bed and 2 twin beds. The hotel includes free wifi.
The first day of my trip I went to the Paul's Cathedral which was a 30min drive from my hotel. The Paul's Cathedral is this big old beautiful church, that was very different from when you see it on the outside then the in side. the outside jus and old run d own church but on the inside its this beautiful master piece, the church looks like it made of gold. The church sits on the Luagate hill a the highest point of the city
My second day I visited the Sea Life London Aquarium. The aquarium is 35 minutes bus ride from the hotel. This is a common tourist attraction. The aquarium is this big blue tank throughout the whole building, it feels like you are swimming with the fishes. There was different types of fishes and plants there, it was and amazing time
The third day I went to the Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust, which is a 20p minutes car ride. The streets were filled with little stores, to vintage and newer things. There are café shops and little food stores. It was something different it was a quite yet place.

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New york

the busy City

From Quebec i drove to New York which it took 8hours 7mins. Driving through this city was different from Quebec, since Quebec is an old looking city and New York is full of light and full of different people doing weird things that wouldn't see in Quebec. Everything in New York is bright, bright of lights and expensive. I went straight to my air BnB. in Brooklyn, NY, United States. The BnB is a beautiful open loft apartment The area is great: lots of cool restaurants, organic grocery stores, yoga, gyms, bars, etc, whatever you need is all within walking distance. The building is a 5-minute walk from the Grand L stop. 10 minutes to Union Square, The center of Manhattan. The day, I when to Central park which is just a big park. Central Park is an urban park in Manhattan, New York City. Central Park is the most visited urban park in the United States, with one of the most filmed locations in the world. Walking around Manhattan New York was being in a movies, with the big bright lights and the building and the traffic.
In the morning, I took a travel The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is located in New York City and is the largest art museum in the United States, and is among the most visited art museums in the world. And it was wonderful museum which is full of art that you would even thing that would be seen there.
The next couple of days I just walked around New York and ate at different places, and seen the cherry Blossom that the Chinese's gave to the United States as a peace treaty
For the Last day of me being in New York I drove 31 minutes to The Bronx. The Bronx is one of the boroughs of New York. The Bronx is a part of the 5 boroughs that are multy-cultural. Where most of the people speaks Spanish, doesn't matter if you're black, white, Muslim everyone speaks Spanish. The Bronx has different type of food since its so divers.

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I always wanted to take a trip around the world and now I have the opportunity to do so. Through out my journey ill be visiting 3 regions: North America, Europe, and Asia. The first place ill be visiting is Quebec. Ill be driving to Quebec city which would take 7 hours 59 minutes, ill be leaving April 24 an be staying there for 5 days (May 5- May 10th). Quebec is a beautiful city, with beautiful churches and crowd streets. Quebec is an old city filled of history and bunch of interesting stories to be discovered. Ill be staying Hôtel & Suites Le Dauphin Québec, which is a 4 star hotel which has an indoor pool and have and indoor playground, also has fee wifi and Breakfast is included with the cost (553.50). The first place ill be driving to is the Cathedral-Basilica of Notre- Dame, whish is 4 hours and 15 minute away from my hotel. The church is a beautiful masterpiece, it will take your breath away, to all the stain glass windows, and how its build its just so beautiful. When the Lights high the stain glass windows an the chorus start to sing its feeling like God is with you in the room, even if you don't believe in God is just breath taking. For the Next few day I just walking around the beautiful city and look art all the old stores that are modernized but still has the old feeling to it. on m second last day in Quebec I headed to the old part of Quebec. The drive was simply hard to describe with all the interesting things I seen, the drive as only 13 minutes. Old Quebec seems like I was in the 18hundreths, or even in a history book. it was so vintages and cool to look at. All the houses and buildings are rusted and wore out which give it an interesting look to it.

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